Hello, I'm Kate.

You may here because you or someone you care about could use some support.  Maybe you're hoping to find a way to live a better life, one with more fun and less pain, more relaxation and less stress, more laughter and fewer tears…more joy each and every day. We're quite alike in that way. I, too, am always looking for ways to live a brighter life, and squeeze the goodness out of each day.  And…sometimes that is really hard to do by yourself.  

Thats why I created LiveLight Counselling.  So that people like you can begin to take steps toward the better life that they've imagine. Because change is possible.  And I want to help you on that journey.   

I deeply respect you for allowing yourself to look for support. I know that it can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable to ask for help, and sometimes it can make a problem feel more real.  I get that.  Your willingness to acknowledge that you need some support tells me you value yourself and your life. I value your life, too.  And part of me valuing you is about valuing your time

I created LiveLight Counselling so that you can easily find support when you need it most.  Not four months down the road. Not in a counselling office on the other side of town. Not during your working hours or sacred family/friend/alone time.  I want you to be able to connect with me when the need arises, even if that is at 3am while you lay awake frustrated by the sound of your worried mind.  By connecting online, we completely bypass so many obstacles that could get in your way of getting support.  

I look forward to meeting you.  My hope is that I can help you dream, help you love yourself, and help you make changes that will allow you to live the best life you can.  

My aim as a counsellor is for you to feel heard, supported, motivated, and inspired. And, above all else, to see real changes in your life.

PLEASE NOTE:  Email counselling is NOT intended for individuals in crisis or emergency situations. If you are in need of immediate, urgent support, please contact a crisis line in your area, or call 911. Learn more about whether email counselling is right for you.